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Production process of glass bottles
- May 14, 2018 -

First of all, design and manufacture of molds, glass raw materials to quartz sand as the main raw material, plus other accessories at high temperatures dissolved into liquid, and then Injection mold, cooling, cutting, tempering, forming a glass bottle. Glass bottles generally have rigid signs, the logo is made of mold shape. The molding of glass bottles can be divided into three kinds of artificial blowing, mechanical blowing and extruding forming.

Glass bottles According to the ingredients can be divided into the following: First, sodium glass Two is lead glass, three is borosilicate glass The main raw materials of glass bottles are natural ores, quartz, caustic soda, limestone and so on. Glass bottles with high transparency and corrosion resistance, and most of the chemical contact will not occur material properties change. Its manufacturing process is simple, the shape is free and changeable, the hardness is big, heat-resistant, clean, easy to clean, and has the characteristics of repeated use. Glass bottles as packaging materials are mainly used in food, oil, liquor, beverages, condiments, cosmetics and liquid chemical products, and so on, the use is very extensive.

But the glass bottle also has its shortcoming, such as heavy weight, transportation storage cost is high, does not withstand the impact and so on.

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