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Glass Bottle Museum
- May 14, 2018 -

The museum is located in the northern part of the Sukhumvit (Sukhumvit) highway in the southern section of Pattaya, Thailand, which is a Dutch-made Mr.

Founded by BJJ De Leij. This is an inconspicuous glass art museum.

The museum has collected more than 300 exotic and beautiful shapes, Many of the most famous buildings, such as the Jade Buddha Temple in Bangkok, the Dawn temple, the marble temple, the Victory Monument, the Democratic Constitutional monument, and even the Thai temple, are all built in the glass bottle, but also the construction is so size appropriate, fine perfect, the beautiful magnificent typical building is built in a small bottle jar. It is conceivable that such a building with artistic beauty to spend much effort and time concentrated in a glass bottle.

Its painstaking efforts and time and the construction of a real historical sites of difficulty is really comparable. Glass products using broken glass, soda ash, sodium nitrate, barium carbonate, quartz sand, such as more than 10 of raw materials manufactured, after a 1600-degree high-temperature melting molding process, such as the production of a container, according to different molds to produce different shapes of glass bottles, there are a variety of wine bottles, beverage bottles, pickles bottles, honey bottles, canned bottles, soda bottles, Carbonated beverage bottles, coffee bottles, cups, 0.5 kg/2.5 kg/4 kg jars and other special-shaped glass bottles.

Glass bottles with sealed light can be long-term preservation of high humidity sensitive products.