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Glass Objects In The Eastern Zhou Dynasty
- May 14, 2018 -

During the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, the glass material was increased, except the tube, beads and other ornaments, but also found that the bi-shaped objects and swords, er, Jian and so on, Sichuan and Hunan also unearthed a glass seal.

At this time the glass is more pure texture, color has White, light green, Lahang and blue, and some glass beads are also color-like Dragonfly eye, such as Hubei with the county had Hou Yi unearthed 73 dragonfly eye-type glass beads, about a centimeter in diameter, in the blue glass sphere Erhkan have white and brown glass pattern. The academic community has carried on the constituent analysis to the China, the late glass bead and the glass bi, discovered these glass most by lead oxide and the barium oxide composition, with Europe, West Asia, North Africa's ancient glass composition is not same, therefore the academic circles thought that they may be the Chinese native manufacture.